Substitute of Pain medication

To deal with the utter painful situation, some narcotic pain relievers are given to the patient. This can be anything as the doctor may feel suitable for the patient. Most commonly used medication may include the morphine and codeine because of their virtue to calm down the patient soon. They are very powerful medication and should be given to the patient in the utter painful situations only.

Other side of pain medication

There is another side of taking the pain medication. It is can put a serious impact on the internal body organs and may also show some side effects. They are highly addictive in nature.

Many other types of the pain medication are available which may be working well to reduce the painful feeling. But you should know the fact that many other types of the pain treatments are also available. Taking the pain medications should be your last alternative. In such treatment, no drugs are given to the patient to deal with the pain and he may also feel good by taking these remedies.

Remedies without drugs for pain

The wonderful fact about some remedies is that you will never get any sort of side effects after taking them.

  • Acupuncture: This is one of the most popular methods of dealing with the painful situation. Particular points are being pressed to make the patient calm down. Special needles are used for this purpose and the patient gets to calm down instantly.
  • Massage: This particular therapy works like a wonder when you are dealing with the chronic pain situation. It is seen that after giving the message, the patient feel relaxed. Some patient may have a headache and back pain and other problem like the pain in the various joints of the body. For such patients, the massage therapy is outstanding and the feel very nice after spending quality of the time in this therapy. Various types of the essential oils are also used in this therapy.
  • Relaxation: Many methods are used to use this particular method. The patient is made belief in his inner power. Various yoga and meditation techniques are used in this method to remove the painful feelings. After taking these remedies there will be hardly any need for the pain medication to tackle the chronic pain. In some extreme situation, the patient can also win over the acute painful situation. But need lots of efforts and confidence.

Natural pain killer

Through the natural treatment and the natural painkillers which are inbuilt and produced by our body are simulated. Our body starts increasing the production and this makes the patient feel good.